How PRP Transforms Your Skin

If you’ve been involved in the skincare scene the last few years you may have heard the terms PRP, Plasma Facial, or even Vampire Facial (thanks to Kim Kardashian and the power of Instagram). But what is the “Vampire Facial”? It’s not as scary as you might be thinking! We are here to break it down for you and show you what you’ve been missing in your skincare routine.

Platelet Rich Plasma:

THIS is where the magic is at… many call it liquid gold. The blood that is used in this treatment is not actually blood at all, but the plasma found in your blood.
The treatment starts with blood being drawn from your arm and spun in a special device to separate the red and white blood cells from the plasma, this is the platelet rich plasma used. It comes out to a clear-yellow liquid used as a serum either topically or injected beneath the skin.


How PRP is Used:
When used topically the treatment is similar to a regular Microneedling session, although the plasma is utilized instead of regular facial serum. By combining with Microneedling, the plasma is pushed deeper beneath the skin for better absorption.

Utilizing PRP topically in combination with a Microneedling treatment will kick start the healing process, although when combined with PRP injections the body will have all it needs to rejuvenate the facial tissues. The skin continues to improve up to three months after the procedure! The results can last up to two years and are most beneficial with a series of visits.


Platelet Rich Plasma benefits your skin in several ways…
-Steadies blood pressure, fights disease and maintains PH for healthy cellular function
-Helps blood to clot to stimulate healing and cellular growth
-Increases Collagen formation
-Decreases graying skin tone caused by age-related lack of blood flow


Who Needs PRP?

Almost everyone will benefit in one way or another from receiving PRP treatments. The effects of this treatment on your skin are so vast that young or old, everyone will walk away feeling renewed.

  1. PRP and Aging
    Because this treatment works to reverse the signs of aging as well as prevent from future aging, this alone makes it a great treatment for all ages. Whether you are interested in creating fullness or preventing wrinkles early, a treatment plan can be customized for your specific age and skin type.
  2. PRP and Scarring:
    Those with scarring or texture issues can be injected with PRP and see a noticeable reduction in texture and scar visibility.
  3. PRP and Acne: 
    People who battle with acne can benefit greatly due to the healing effect that the PRP has over time, receiving injections will ensure that it continues to work on a cellular level to decrease the future flare ups of acne.
  4. PRP and Hair Loss:
    Did you know that PRP can be used to combat hair loss? Plasma can be injected into the hairline or throughout the scalp to help promote hair growth! Because PRP contains natural growth hormones it is a great way to stimulate your hair regrowth.
    See what Allure has to say about this here:


For over 25 years PRP has been used in the medical field to heal wounds, prevent injury and fight hair loss and has more recently been found to have tremendous benefits for the skin. Consultations are a great way to start the process and learn about what your specific skin needs are and where to get started.


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